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Build a Scare is Deanavryn Studios debut App. Created in conjunction with the amazing team at Deep Blue Ideas.

The main purpose of this App is to create a unique 'Scare' (Monster). A spinning wheel is used to choose the number of arms, legs, eyes, noses, mouths and ears to place on your Scare's body. The child then places these body parts on to their Scare.

(See How to Play for more information).

This App can be used to teach your child how to count and use their imagination to create their very own Scare. A new and unique Scare can be produced every time the App is played.

Just to make it even more fun we have included a Jigsaw Puzzle within the App as well. So after you have created your Scare you can turn it into a jigsaw. You can also use any picture or photo you like from your Camera Roll. We have an Easy difficulty setting for younger children and a Medium or Hard setting for older children and adults. (See How to Play for more information).

The Scare can be saved to your devices Camera Roll so your child can happily and proudly show off their Scare to anyone and everyone.


How to Play

Choose Build from the main screen to make your Scare

or choose Puzzle to jump straight to the Jigsaw Puzzle feature of the App.


Start by choosing a background theme.

You can press on each background on the toolbar to see how it will look. Once youíve decided press Done to continue.

Now letís choose a Body.

Again you can press on each Body to see how it will look. Once youíve decided press Done to continue.

Itís time to spin the wheel to see how many Arms your Scare will have.

After you have spun simply choose the desired Arm from the toolbar and drag it up to your Scareís body. You have 6 possible locations for the arms to go. Once happy with the chosen location simply let the arm go and it will snap in to place. Once you have placed all the arms available to you press Done to continue.

This will repeat for the Legs. Spin the wheel and choose your legs. There are 6 possible locations for leg placement as well. Once you have placed all the available legs press Done to continue.

For the remaining body parts the process is the same. Spin the wheel. This time you can place the parts anywhere on the Scare. After you have selected each part press Done to continue on to the next.


Once complete you will then get the option to Save the Scare, Jigsaw the Scare or Start again.


Jigsaw pieces appear on the bottom of the screen.

Drag pieces to correct place onto Jigsaw. Pieces will lock into place when they are in the correct position.

If you have chosen Medium or Hard difficulty you will need to spin the pieces around by clicking on them before you are able to place them in the correct position.


Once you have completed your Jigsaw you can Restart the Jigsaw or Build a new Scare by going back to the Home page.

Things to note

You can turn on or off the music, sound effects and voice over at any time during play. Simply press the icon at the top of the screen.

We are very proud of this App and hope you and your children will have hours of enjoyment from it!

Go and download now. iPad -   iPhone -           

See Build a Scare in Action on YouTube.  

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