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Jigsaw Creator has been created from Deanavryn Studios debut App Build A Scare.

The main purpose of this App is to turn any picture into a jigsaw. You can use any picture or photo you like from your Camera Roll or take a photo on the fly.

We have an Easy difficulty setting for younger children and a Medium or Hard setting for older children and adults. (See How to Play for more information).


How to Play

Choose Puzzle from the main screen to start the Jigsaw Puzzle App

or if you wish to change the Puzzle Difficulty choose Options on the main screen.

Easy Difficulty - You just need to place jigsaw pieces in correct position.

Medium or Hard difficulty - You will need to spin the pieces around by clicking on them before you are able to place them in the correct position.

Select what picture you want to jigsaw.

You are able to either jigsaw a photo you have already in your photo library or use the inbuilt camera to take a picture.

Adjust the picture you want to jigsaw by using your fingers to pinch, scale and rotate it to fill the area shown.


Jigsaw pieces appear on the bottom of the screen.

Drag pieces to correct position on the jigsaw. Pieces will lock in to place once correctly placed.

Once you have completed your Jigsaw you can Restart the Jigsaw or do another Jigsaw by going back to the Home page.


Things to note

** You can turn on or off the music, sound effects and voice over at any time during play. Simply press the icon at the top of the screen.

** This App is included FREE as part of the Build a Scare App.

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