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The aim of the game is to solve maths questions in order to gain the most Paddocks (revealed squares).

Players take turns rolling the dice and answering the maths question. A correct answer allows you to select that many paddock squares. The Player with the most paddocks is the winner.

Maths Paddocks is designed to teach 5-7 year olds basic maths, it is based on a game used in Australian schools.

How to Play


Choose the

- card type colour

- number of players

- type of maths game you wish to play

Eg only questions with addition (+) or

with a mixture of addition and subtraction (+ -)

Choose 'Play' to begin the game.


Player 1 has the 1st roll.

Click the 'Roll Dice' at the top of the screen to start.

Answer the maths question by clicking on the correct numbers.

Press 'Check' to see if your answer is correct.

If you are incorrect, a cross appears and you have 2 more chances to answer correctly.

If you are correct, a tick appears and you can start selecting your paddocks.

If you answered incorrectly, it will be player 2's turn and they will need to click on the 'Roll dice'.

If you answered correctly you are able to select any paddock square you like.

The number of paddocks you can select depends on the answer, it is also shown next to the word Paddocks.

Eg. If your question was 1+1 and the answer is 2 then you are able to select 2 paddocks.

Once you have selected all the paddocks it will be player 2's turn.

Play continues until all paddocks are taken.

The winner is the player with the most paddocks.


Once a winner has been found you are able to 'Play Again'.

** Select items on the winners screen to see what they do.

Things to note

You can turn on or off the sounds any time during play. Simply press the sound icon at the top right of the screen.

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