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Shopping Match is a memory match game with a difference.
First you need to select grocery items to place on your shopping list. Once your list is complete itís time to go shopping.

Each player needs to find all the items on their shopping list by turning over cards one at a time. Make a match, pick again! No match, the card turns back over.

The first player to find all their grocery items wins.

You can choose from 16, 24 or 36 cards.
You can play with one or two players.

How to Play


Choose Play from the main screen.


Choose what card back picture you would like from the 3 available.

Choose how many players.

Choose the number of cards you would like.

On each side of the screen you will see each players shopping list and trolley.

The middle of the screen will show you all the items you can choose from.

Each player takes turns choosing the items they wish to place on their shopping list.

These are the items you will be trying to match.

Once you have created your shopping list each player takes it in turns to turn over a card and try and find their items on their shopping list.


If you find an item it is placed in your trolley and you get to have another turn.

If you do not find an item it is the other players turn.

The game is over once someone finds all 8 items on their shopping list.

Once a winner have been found you are able to play again.

Things to note

You can turn on or off the sounds any time during play. Simply press the sound icon at the top right of the screen.

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