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UFO: Lost in Space is a fun challenging game for the whole family.

Your UFO, Ollad, is lost in Space due to a faulty UPS (Universal Positioning System). You mission is to help Ollad find his way home.  Along the way you will encounter different challenges you will need to over come and you will also meet some of his UFO friends that you will also need to help.

In order to help Ollad you need to get to his UPS map. Once collected it will reveal the secret wormhole. Get him there as fast as you can. Each wormhole is a step closer to home.

Have a look below for more information.


How to Play


Choose Play from the main screen to start.


Swipe screen across to see all the stages.

You must complete the previous stage with at least 30 Stars in order to unlock the next Stage.

Click on the Stage you wish to play, each Stage has a different set of challenges to over come.

Stage Screen shows you what Levels you have completed.

It also shows you your best time and the amount of stars you got for each level.

Guide your UFO to the UPS by touching the screen with one finger.

After you have collected your UPS a Wormhole will appear.

Guide your UFO to the Wormhole to complete the level.

The Green UFO has broken down you need to push it to the wormhole.
For this Level you need to get both UFO's to the Wormhole.

The little speedy UFO will follow the larger UFO.


The Pink UFO moves in the opposite direction to touch.


Things to note

You can turn on or off the music and sound effects at any time during play. Simply press the pause icon at the top left of the screen.

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